Term Life Insurance

Before You Seek Term Life Insurance Quotes, Understand What You’re Looking For

Your ability to make a living and bring home a salary is one of the most significant contributions you have to your family. Expenses can increase due to disability, though, and you may find your income drastically reduced. Should you find that you are unable to continue earning an income based on an injury, illness or disability, for any period of time, your family’s financial well-being could be shattered, and you will have wished you sought out term life insurance quotes sooner. While Social Security does include a disability feature, you are only considered disabled under such cover when you cannot undertake any work whatsoever, and you may have to wait for several months for benefits to kick in. Furthermore, the amount you finally receive may be less than half your current income. Before this happens to you, make sure you are covered and look for comparative term life insurance quotes for you and your loved one’s well-being.

Get a Long Term Disability Insurance Quote Today and Look Forward to Peace of Mind

The only way to protect your family and yourself from financial disaster is to ensure you have sought a long-term disability insurance quote and signed up for adequate cover. Term life insurance quotes usually offer options for disability insurance. The disability insurance will replace a part of your income should you become injured or ill. It is not a risk you can bear alone, so you need to ensure you seek the services of a reliable insurance company. While you won’t find a disability policy that covers 100% of your income, you will find policies that cover about 70% of your current income. If you don’t currently have that much coverage through your employer’s plan, make sure you obtain supplemental coverage.

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Term life insurance

Get Your Instant Term Life Insurance Quotes from Decker Benefits Solutions

If you need all your income to support your standard of living and achieve your particular financial goals, you will struggle to make ends meet if you are only able to receive just 60% - 70% of your income. If you become ill or injured, you may have to make drastic changes to your lifestyle, unless you start looking for instant term life insurance quotes now and find adequate coverage. One of the primary benefits of having your own policy is that you will receive tax-free benefits.

Obtain Level Term Life Insurance Quotes and Understand Your Policy

When obtaining level term life insurance quotes, it is important to understand which policy will best suit your needs.

  • Short-term disability insurance offers benefits from the eighth day of your disability, up to six months.
  • Most employers will not offer short-term disability benefits
  • Many people opt to self-insure for the first three – six months if they buy private policies
  • Long-term disability insurance kicks in after the first six months of disability
  • Long-term insurance often provides own-occupation coverage for up to two years
  • After the two-year period, the policy will pay benefits if you are unable to work
  • Insurance that will guarantee to pay should you be unable to perform your job can be costlier
  • If you have a specialized occupation, obtain as much own-occupation, long-term cover as you can afford
  • If you cannot afford own-occupation insurance, at least have long-term disability coverage
  • Some coverage is better than none at all
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