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The death of a loved one always brings distress to the survivor. But all too frequently, this hardship is compounded by a financial loss that could have been minimized or eliminated altogether with adequate life insurance. Your may think that a Life Insurance is needed only to pay for a funeral, but there are many other financial needs can be met, including estate settlement cost, estate taxes, income replacement, outstanding debts, or maybe even a college fund.

Accidents are not planned and can happen at any moment. But when it happens, medical bills can start adding up fast. Help your customers be prepared: Aflac Accident Indemnity Advantage insurance policies pays cash benefits to help provide peace of mind during the different stages of care and recovery. Benefits can be used to help pay for emergency treatment, broken bones, lacerations, concussions, broken teeth, and ambulance transportation, as well as for treatment-related transportation and lodging.

This is defined as the use of telecommunication between a doctor and a patient. Generally, there are three types of Telemedicine. These include store-and- forward, remote patient monitoring and real-time interactive services.

Now, more people survive a critical illness such as heart attack and stroke than ever before, but most face a lengthy — and expensive — recovery. Critical Care and Recovery insurance policy pays customers cash benefits that can help with ongoing expenses during recovery.

Most Americans are aware of the recommendation for dental cleanings twice per year, and they appreciate a policy to help with these costs. Great oral health is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Individual dental insurance plans can help you maximize your oral health. In fact, people with dental insurance are more than twice as likely to visit their dentist regularly. Choosing a dental insurance plan can be overwhelming—monthly premiums, annual maximums, deductibles and more leave you with a lot to consider.

WE are constantly striving to bring you the best experience and the best insurance!

We have added Online Quoting for Dental through Medico. Check Back often as we work with our carriers to provide even more online options.

For many employees, a temporary loss of income could have long-term financial consequences. Disability insurance policies help employees avoid the hardship of medical bills. An Aflac Short-Term Disability insurance policy provides a monthly benefit amount when the employee is disabled and unable to work due to a covered accident or illness.

Considering that fraud and identity theft impact U.S. consumers every two seconds*, it is no wonder these issues are among the top fears in our country.

Cancer is a serious disease that, unfortunately, many people can relate to. Today, the chances of surviving cancer are better than ever, but the financial impact of cancer can be devastating. An Aflac Maximum Difference insurance policy can help employees and their families better cope financially–and emotionally–if a positive diagnosis of cancer ever occurs.

Hospital indemnity is a form of hospital insurance that gives cash benefits to subscribers when they are admitted to a hospital. This, however, is not an alternative to medical insurance.

What is Vision Insurance?
This is an insurance coverage that provides insurance against health expenses relating to the eyes. There is are two types available to you, one is individual vision insurance coverage and the other is family vision insurance. 

Life insurance is an insurance policy, that covers the life of a person. In the event, the insured dies, the insurance company pays for a specified amount of money.

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