Dental Insurance

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Considering Individual Dental Insurance for You or Your Loved Ones

Often, healthcare consumers find individual dental insurance confusing and frustrating. That is because they often expect it to do something that it is actually set up to do. Many people associate the terms “medical and dental insurance” with the concept of projection. In other words, they buy insurance to safeguard themselves against unforeseen expenses. So it is understandable that many feel the same about dental coverage. After all, it is insurance. However, the difference is that dental coverage is not designed to protect you from unforeseen expenses or to pool risk, which is what traditional insurance does. It functions more like a discount coupon than a type of insurance cover.

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Is It Time to Consider Supplemental Dental Insurance?

Medical and dental insurance is additional coverage over and above your traditional health plan. Many dentists understand their patient’s financial constraints and will do their best to help them navigate through a supplemental dental insurance policy. They try to avoid an insurance company dictating your treatment needs and place full priority on your dental health. Sometimes, that means a dentist may recommend a form of treatment you just cannot afford, but your insurance provider will cover. Ultimately, you will sometimes require the help of your dental practice to understand your coverage and assist you with making informed decisions that will concentrate on putting your health first.

Dental InsuranceDental InsuranceDental InsuranceDental Insurance
Dental Insurance

What Can You Get from a Health and Dental Insurance Plan?

What you actually get from health and dental insurance will depend on what you negotiate with your insurance provider. Typically, preventative services, such as twice-yearly cleanings, fluoride treatments, and exams are procedures that many dental plans cover in full. These are relatively inexpensive procedures and will save costs in the long run by promoting optimal dental health. Other benefits tend to vary widely, with some paying half of the fee for a crown and excluding the more expensive, but highly beneficial, services, such as implants. There will also usually be a deductible that a patient has to pay out-of-pocket before you are able to receive any benefits. There is also usually a cap, or maximum amount, that your insurance will pay out annually.

Understand Medical and Dental Insurance Before Your Sign Up

Whether you are paying for the insurance plan yourself, or your employer is covering it for you, here are a few things you can do to make sure you get the most out of your medical and dental insurance policy:

  • Be sure to understand the plan fully
  • Carefully go over any restrictions
  • Allow your dentist’s office to help you get the most out of the cover
  • Dental cover can be confusing; dental staff is the best positioned to help you figure out the cover you need
  • Make sure you understand the cost of procedures and what and isn’t explicitly covered
  • Talk to your dentist about how to pay for procedures that are not covered
  • Many dentists will offer payment plans, so you will want to know what your options are 
  • Remember that you are in charge of your healthcare, don’t let lack of coverage keep you away from the dentist’s chair
  • If you do not have insurance, at least make a minimal investment in your health and the health of your loved ones
  • Make sure the policy covers the basic treatments so you can visit the dentist at least twice a year
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